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Friday, January 27, 2006


Received a cheque yesterday for a little over £100 – CBBC repeat fee for an episode of “Kerching”. Not life-changing, but welcome nonetheless, and it’ll more than cover the cost of my Morrissey ticket. One gets used to these tiny windfalls, but remains painfully aware that the fabled big pay-day remains elusive. But by the prematurely glazed eyes of Galloway, I swear I shall never surrender.

I found to time to watch some “Seinfeld” on DVD this week – sublime, inspirational stuff. It was during another Seinfeld-fest last year that I was contacted by a BBC producer about a comedy-writing opportunity. I told him that I was in the right mood, having been enjoying the Season1-3 box-set. He reminded/warned me of Seinfeld’s low audiences figures in the days when it was broadcast on terrestrial TV. I refrained from replying “YES! BECAUSE THE BBC PUT IT ON AT THREE IN THE MORNING!” Pure self-sabotage. I went to a BBC event in 2004 where a writer told of the lengthy, circuitous, head-banging, triumphant process of finally getting a show produced – at which point it was utterly scuppered by unhelpful scheduling. More proof, were it needed, that success is, ultimately, failure.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Bareass Jousting

Went to see “Brokeback Mountain” yesterday – I think I detected a slight gay subtext. Fairly satisfying, Ang Lee not relying as much on lush visuals as I had expected. Excellent, restrained performances all round – future generations will look up “taciturn” in the dictionary and the entry will read “See Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain (2005)”. It didn’t prompt a tear until the very end, however. It must be fairly liberating for a screenwriter to have a short story to adapt rather than a novel – plenty of latitude. Can’t wait for the 1980s-set sequel, “Breakdance Island”.

Listened to a documentary on Mozart on Radio 3 last night; as usual with these things, everything we know is wrong – he was no more scatological than most people, the music didn’t always flow effortlessly, he was a fairly well-organised small businessman. I long for a documentary which doesn’t overturn the accepted wisdom – “you always thought Hitler was a vicious nutter bastard – and he was!”

Good to see the Arctic Monkeys getting their second No. 1 single yesterday. One of my TV highlights of 2005 was their appearance on "Later with Jools Holland" when they paid tribute to fellow guest Ms. Dynamite during "Dancefloor". Nice to note that a band can make it based on clever song-writing, committed gigging and just being good, rather than going on some karaoke TV talent show. If only the ‘net was such a foolproof marketing tool as their detractors suggest.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Baby's first blog entry

Starting this out of boredom. Semi-professional writer, PhD student, based in Cardiff, Wales UK. Most cherished belongings - automatic breadmaker; new, cheap DAB radio from Argos. Heroes - John Peel, Elvis Costello, Woody Allen. Writing credentials - TV scripts for children's series "The Story Of Tracy Beaker", "Kerching", "Hilltop Hospital"; a number of plays for BBC Radio Four including "Thank-You For Talking To Me Africa" and "Man Talk". Current project - a novel, "Yer Blues", self-published via Updates will doubtless be infrequent.