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Friday, January 27, 2006


Received a cheque yesterday for a little over £100 – CBBC repeat fee for an episode of “Kerching”. Not life-changing, but welcome nonetheless, and it’ll more than cover the cost of my Morrissey ticket. One gets used to these tiny windfalls, but remains painfully aware that the fabled big pay-day remains elusive. But by the prematurely glazed eyes of Galloway, I swear I shall never surrender.

I found to time to watch some “Seinfeld” on DVD this week – sublime, inspirational stuff. It was during another Seinfeld-fest last year that I was contacted by a BBC producer about a comedy-writing opportunity. I told him that I was in the right mood, having been enjoying the Season1-3 box-set. He reminded/warned me of Seinfeld’s low audiences figures in the days when it was broadcast on terrestrial TV. I refrained from replying “YES! BECAUSE THE BBC PUT IT ON AT THREE IN THE MORNING!” Pure self-sabotage. I went to a BBC event in 2004 where a writer told of the lengthy, circuitous, head-banging, triumphant process of finally getting a show produced – at which point it was utterly scuppered by unhelpful scheduling. More proof, were it needed, that success is, ultimately, failure.


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