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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Beaker

Yesterday was a historic one in the annals of British TV history – the final episode of “The Story Of Tracy Beaker” went out on BBC1. As the script-writer of 8 of the 122 episodes made - 6.557% of a regularly chart-topping series - I am proud to be an aside in a parenthesis in a footnote in the history of children’s television. Here’s to many, many prime-time repeats. With near-simultaneity, it was announced that author of the original novel, Jacqueline Wilson, was once more the most borrowed writer in UK libraries. I met her once – the nicest millionaire I’ve ever chatted to whilst holding a paper plate of cold nibbles.

The more contact I have with TV people, the more convinced I am that a far greater degree of wit, effort and integrity goes into the making of “children’s” entertainment than into shows ostensibly aimed at adults. Further evidence for this is the fact that the most dramatically satisfying programme on TV at the moment is not a drama at all, but “Deal Or No Deal” with Noel Edmonds – hopes, fears, laughter, tears, conflict, solidarity, tension, despair – all human life is there. Exhibit 2: “Wallace And Gromit – The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit” – best British film in years (not counting “Shaun Of The Dead”).


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