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Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm Not Like This (1)

Only a few days away, now, from shooting my first fully crewed film, entitled “I’m Not Like This”, with stout assistance from my student producer Simeon, who’s done all the hard work, leaving me to concentrate on my Art. Excellent cast, nice locations – it just might work. The biggest problem so far was one of the actors dropping out earlier this week, but we’ve managed to find a replacement who’s strong enough to put a whole new spin on the character, which is nice. If all works out, it will result in the first project formally produced by students at Glamorgan’s Screen Academy; if it doesn’t work out, this posting will cease to exist.

A payment came in from the ALCS this week – for Tracy Beaker and radio plays accidentally heard in Finland; only a couple of hundred, but it’s paid for my ticket to see Bob Dylan in the C.I.A. in June. I’m not a true devotee, only possessing a few compilations, but a legend is a legend is a legend, and I’ve never seen him in the flesh before, and he is, let’s face it, getting on a bit. Even mumbled, tuneless, tramp-esque versions of his classics will be a treat.

Watched last night’s arresting BBC2 drama-documentary about MI5/MI6’s near-coup during the reign of Harold Wilson (starring James Bolam who, bravely, made no attempt whatsoever at an impersonation). It’s startling to think how close we came to a Fascist dictatorship overseen by Lord Mountbatten and sundry militaristic in-breds. I think I prefer having a control-freak Prime Minister who has the security services at his beck and call and the fox-hunting classes on the run, to one who’s constantly looking over his shoulder. One wonders whether the stress contributed to Wilson’s Alzheimer’s.


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