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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Custom House

I caught an excellent new play a couple of weeks ago – The Custom House by young South Wales-based writer, Kit Lambert at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre. A ridiculously clever and surprisingly funny piece set in an abandoned hut in some Middle-European no-man’s land, featuring two would-be emigrants, endlessly procrastinating as they prepare to set out for the New Europe, only to find it coming to meet them, firstly in the shape of two idealistic young women making the journey in the opposite direction, and then by the border itself, as the world changes around them. A satire on both globalisation and anti-globalisation which ends up being about the tension between love, fear, hope and stasis. Just the kind of witty, outward-looking piece we always complain that we never see in these parts. A refreshingly high audience turn-out as well.

I had a Tracy Beaker episode on BBC2 last week – very handy in terms of my dwindling finances. Apparently the BBC are going to start making it available via Video-on-Demand, although I think everyone’s in the dark as to how that’s going to work out financially or technically. Hail the brave new dawn, etc.


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