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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Departed/Air Traffic

Saw “The Departed” last week – masterful, as everyone agrees. I love the way Scorsese’s visuals are just showy enough, without overdoing it. Jack Nicholson devours the scenery like a trouper, and Leo DiCaprio is always good as the troubled soul, but I thought Matt Damon did really well with a far trickier task – never letting us forget he’s the bad guy, even while playing the solid professional and caring boyfriend. It’ll be interesting to see what happens come Oscar time.

Another ace Barfly (Cardiff) gig this week – Air Traffic, the latest “new Coldplay”, who were excellent – a lot more jaunty and melodic than other wearers of the mantle (e.g. Morning Runner). Support came from Northern Ireland’s Kowalski – shambling indie-by-numbers, but no less enjoyable for that; and, rather incongruously, Kiddo360, an indie-funk band from Swansea fronted by a brother and sister – good, poppy tunes and exemplary showmanship; the other two bands could learn from their ability to develop a rapport with the audience. Everyone was depressingly young, of course.

Mildly depressed by the current “veils” row. The most disturbing thing is the sight of “Stop The War Coalition”-style “socialists” campaigning for the right of women to remain covered up – would this have been the orthodox left position 20 years ago?


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