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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pan's Labyrinth

I went to see Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth”/”El Laberinto Del Fauno” this week – a beautifully put-together if somewhat dispiriting piece. Its clever juxtaposition of the realities of war with a child’s fantasies had me fearing, in the first few minutes, that the piece was promoting the virtues of escapism over revolt. It transpired, however, that the message was a more complex one, about the imagination inevitably triumphing over oppression – a somewhat debatable point, given the longevity of the Franco regime whose early days are portrayed. Some truly horrific violence, as well, all rendered with the same organic realism as the magical creatures conjured up by young Ofelia. Not only a significant artistic achievement, but also a much-needed reminder of what it’s like to live in a brutal Fascist dictatorship.

Got another Tracy Beaker repeat fee a few days ago – deeply welcome at this time.


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