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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mr Hudson

My first visit of the year to the Cardiff Barfly saw the triumphant return of Mr Hudson and the Library (of course, at the time of their first visit, I’d never heard of them, and would hardly have been attracted by the eccentric name). They describe their music as “English r&b”, which involves a significant influence from old-school ska, as much as the pop-soul greats. While one is naturally wary of bands whose frontmen who sport stylish hats indoors, they were mighty enjoyable. Notable in their line-up is Joy on steel drums – although the extravagantly Afro-ed keyboardist has a “steel drum” setting on his instrument also, which seems to defeat the object. Still, the singles went down well, as did their version of “My Funny Valentine”, and the generally tuneful nature of events suggests that they just might capture the public imagination, if they receive sufficient airplay. First band on were Envy Corps from Iowa, who played highly melodic and highly enjoyable hard guitar pop, kicking off with a song about Sylvia Plath. Image-wise, they somehow reminded me of that episode of The Simpsons in which Homer goes to college and hooks up with a bunch of nerds – this alone earned them points in my book. Linking these two disparate acts, and also acting as MC and cheerleader for Hudson was ridiculously cute acoustic guitar-wielding Remi Nicole, with equally cute ditties about Byker Grove and rubbish boyfriends, some of which teetered on the edge of novelty – although a song about being perceived as odd for being a Black woman who plays guitar and listens to rock’n’roll connected with me. Not that I’m a woman, but you know what I mean.

I received a vaguely healthy cheque for repeats of Kerching and Tracy Beaker last week, which coincided with my successful viva. Hardly mortgage money, but at least it buys me a couple more months before I have to worry about signing on. Currently making the minor amendments required to the thesis before I can officially refer to myself as a doctor. Be very afraid.


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Congratulations on your viva!

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