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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dirty Protest - "Out With The Old" / Gosling

I attended the latest Dirty Protest evening of rehearsed short play readings, now migrated from the amusing but rather cramped yurt at Milgi to the Cardiff Arts Institute. This one was a re-presentation of the DP event - themed “Out With The Old”, and curated by Chloe Moss - which played at London’s Roundhouse in late 2009, featuring the work of six London-based writers with several high-profile credits (“Hollyoaks”, “Secret Diary Of A Call-Girl”, “Skins”) to their names. I was vaguely relieved to note that despite their youth, trendiness and employability, they were no less prone to whimsy and occasional over-writing than their Cardiff counterparts, but the evening as a whole was as entertaining as ever. The piece which made the strongest impression on me was Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s end-of-the-affair drama “On Loan”, although Colette Kane’s “Rats” juxtaposed comedy and tragedy with an enviable deftness. The cast – Matthew Bulgo, Helen Rosser Davies, and Erin Richards were reliably impressive, and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Given Ray Gosling’s traumatic newsworthiness of late, one hopes that some of his classic TV and radio feature work from the 1970s and 1980s will be rediscovered and given an airing. He always displayed combination of charm, passion and wit which seems somewhat lacking these days.


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