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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stokes, William

On impulse (and because it was free) I attended an evening of “new” folk at the Cardiff Arts Institute. A “No Sweat” event, first up was personable singer guitarist Josh Morgan (and pal on percussion, etc.) – very passable, if a little Jack Johnson (but better, obviously). The second band on were Leeds-based duo-with-friends, Joseph & David, who delivered some deft, poignant melodies. Headlining were Stokes, William, who were pleasingly intense, played their favourite song (“Zion”) twice (which more bands ought to do) and also fitted in a Passion Pit cover before inviting the other acts on for a hoe-down at the end of the evening. Lovely.

More music :- "Love In Vain".


Blogger Gem said...

Hey Blakeson - just wanted to say thanks for this lovely review of No Sweat. I'm the promoter of the night and it's always great to stumble upon nice feedback! Cheers, Gem

3:06 PM  

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