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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Scott Pilgrim"

I was half-expecting not to enjoy Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, despite having been a fan of director Edgar Wright’s previous work. Prior publicity had focussed on those of its constituent elements – video games, graphic novels, the romantic entanglements of people younger and more attractive than myself – in which I have a limited interest. So I was delighted to find myself enchanted throughout, thanks not only to the vivid and highly imaginative comic-book-inspired story-telling style, but also a witty script, over-stuffed with pop-culture references; resonant themes (becoming a responsible adult, dealing with other people’s emotional baggage); and winning performances from all concerned, particularly Kieran Culkin as the hero’s gay roommate, and Ellen Wong as the wronged under-age girlfriend. Every bit as clever as Inception, and more affecting, being on a recognisably human scale, despite the pyrotechnics. And no film which features a bass-guitar duel can be all bad.


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