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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tati's Hotel - The Premiere

A sunny 9th of April saw my second BAFTA Cymru premiere of the year at Cardiff’s Cineworld; this time for a project in which I was actually involved :- “Tati’s Hotel”, the new CITV series from Machine Productions. Not as many industry luminaries in evidence as for “Baker Boys” (it was a Saturday morning, after all), but lots of little people, including my niece Cicely and nephew Linden, who are in the appropriate demographic. Four episodes were shown in all, written by Oli Jefferey, Angharad Devonald (who were also in attendance), prolific children’s TV writer Gerard Foster, and myself. The series is about Tati, a young girl who runs a magical hotel; in every 11-minute narrative, a special guest stays, and a lesson about life is somehow learned, in a (one hopes) humorous manner. “Magical” is the appropriate word for the production, given that it was shot in a freezing cold warehouse on an industrial estate in Grangetown – the look is delightful, the cast are universally excellent, and the stories are charming, especially if one gets in touch with one’s inner seven year-old (no problem for me). My episode, “Alien” (theme :– “it’s good to be different”, featuring Sion Pritchard as Quexly), was shown last, and despite the fact that some of the younger audience-members were growing restless, it seemed to go down well. Afterwards there were Welsh cakes and balloons, and Mya-Lecia Naylor (Tati) and Elinor Crawley (Dizzee, the ballet-dancing chambermaid) were around for photo-opportunities, along with Chester the Cat. A lovely morning.


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