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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” has come in for severe criticism from fans of the “Alien” franchise to which it is, despite all official denials, a prequel. I rather enjoyed it, though. Michael Fassbender (suave android), Charlize Theron (corporate ice-queen), Noomi Rapace (ridiculously plucky heroine) are the principal players - members of a team sent to a distant planet to investigate the possible origins of life on Earth - and are reliably excellent. As a non-expert in terms of the mythology, there were elements which were completely lost on me, and I have very little idea of how well it works as an “origin” story. I’m not entirely sure that the narrative hangs together – issues of faith, ethics, motherhood and capitalist greed are confusingly inter-mingled; furthermore, some of the supporting actors are ill-served by the dialogue they’re given. The visuals are truly stunning however - even in 2D - the pace never slackens, and there are plentiful entertainingly worrisome moments.

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