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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

"In Water I'm Weightless"

I went to see National Theatre Wales production of Kaite O'Reilly's "In Water I'm Weightless" (aka #ntw20) at the Wales Millennium Centre a couple of days ago, featuring some of the country's best-known performers with disabilities, in a multi-media piece (part protest, part celebration), focussing on the experience and perceptions of physical impairment. My full review is here, but again, it's a show I probably wouldn't have gone to see if not for the British Theatre Guide, and while I had some reservations, it's one I'm glad I experienced. One of the scenes featured two disabled actors complaining about being stereotyped by casting directors, writers, etc, and while one completely gets their point, I suspect that the grumbles of anyone in the performing arts who gets regular work would be met with cynicism by those who aren't so lucky, whether or not they belong to under-represented minority groups.

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