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Sunday, December 09, 2012

"Peter Pan" / "Whispers on the Waves"

I was lucky enough to see two Christmas shows for families this week, courtesy of the British Theatre Guide. Both highly entertaining and accomplished, but very different. Sherman Cymru's "Peter Pan" was a version of J. M. Barrie's (although he isn't credited) original, by Rob Evans, with excellent songs by Dafydd James and a cast largely consisting of recent drama-school graduates, although dominated by Russell Gomer's Captain Hook. Philip Michell's "Whispers on the Waves", from Odyssey/Hijinx, took as its starting point the South Wales radio ham who picked up distress signals from the Titanic, days before news of the disaster became known, and saw a young couple observing ghosts from the past as they ponder their future. Again, experiences I'd have missed out on for different reasons (in the first case, high ticket prices; in the second, general lack of awareness), had I not been given the opportunity to review them.

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