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Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Here Be Monsters"

My latest review assignment for British Theatre Guide was “Here Be Monsters”, at Chapter, from Theatr Iolo, written by Mark Williams. That relatively rare beast – an original play aimed at the family audience. A clever and enjoyable piece in which two young step-siblings go on a quest for monsters, which turn out to be their own personal demons. Lovely performances and very effective stage magic, relying on costume, music, lighting etc. rather than cinema-style trickery.

The next day I had to be up ridiculously early, having been invited to attend a “Friday Headspace” Day at the BBC Writersroom offices in London. I think it’s an attempt by the BBC to reassure writers not regularly under commission that we are still on their radar. The opportunity to meet other writers from various creative backgrounds was very welcome, as always; and we also got  tips in areas such as presenting ideas and developing series bibles. Vague in conception, but highly enjoyable.

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