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Friday, August 16, 2013

It's My Shout

I spent a fascinating morning on the set of a short film I’ve written for the 2013 BBC Wales “Made In Wales” series, made under the auspices of It’s My Shout Ltd. Basically a training programme for young people who want to work in the creative industries, they put out an annual open call for scripts. I have submitted a youth-oriented idea most years, and this time round my screenplay made the cut (albeit at the expense of another piece which was apparently deemed to be inappropriate).
So, I found myself in a crowded pub in Porthcawl on a Thursday morning, watching a brief nightclub scene being shot; once more impressed by the labour-intensiveness of properly funded, fully manned TV/film production (as opposed to my adventures with camcorder and laptop). The evidence - a committed crew (comprising both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic trainees); an exciting young director; what appears to be (from what I could gather) good chemistry between the two leads - suggests that it might all work out (results having been somewhat patchy in the past). Prior to broadcast on BBC Wales, all the films will be premiered in October at the Wales Millennium Centre - should be a jolly night out.

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