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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Project Fio / "Sin City 2"

I’ve just spent a week, as part of my training to become a community arts facilitator, working with some young people taking part in the Project Fio Summer School, run by Youth Of Creative Arts, and based at the Wales Millennium Centre. Aimed at 13-19 year-olds from backgrounds where taking part in theatre might not be traditionally seen as an option, the scheme has attracted a good mix of participants, exhibiting varying degrees of charm and hyperactivity. I didn’t contribute a great deal, mostly observing experienced facilitators Abdul and Laura, but found the whole experience rather enjoyable and vaguely reassuring. The ultimate aim is a public performance in November – precise theme and format to be decided over the next couple of months.

Part of the subsequent decompression process involved going to see “Sin City – A Dame To Kill For”, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s sequel/prequel to their comic-book noir original. The film is ridiculously violent, and not entirely flawless, what with the sexism (all hail Eva Green) and the narrative incoherence, but it’s royally entertaining – full review here

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