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Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Miramar" / "The Winter's Tale" / Pitch Radio

My most recent assignment for the British Theatre Guide was Taking Flight Theatre’s annual outdoor touring Shakespeare production, in Thompson’s Park, Cardiff. This was of “The Winter’s Tale” (and yes, I had to do research beforehand), and they certainly embraced the piece’s absurd plot elements (“Exit, pursued by a bear” and all).

"The Winter's Tale" - Taking Flight Theatre

Prior to that, was the first production from Triongl, a company comprising three actresses: – “Miramar”, a tragi-comedy about home and the threat of homelessness, starring Valmai Jones as an elderly widow who finds herself in deep trouble following the death of her husband. Funny and worrisome.

In other news, the short play I wrote for Radio Cardiff's Pitch Slot, inspired by the legend of the C.I.A.s attempt to co-opt abstract expressionism into the Cold War, and produced by local performance art luminaries Good Cop Bad Cop is now available to hear online.

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