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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Festive Theatre 2016

Obviously, the highlight of the past few weeks has to be the Pixies gig as reviewed in my previous post. There have also been a few theatre trips, though:

Most recently was an unlikely double-bill; “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the very likeable Christmas show for under-sevens at The Sherman; and, in the evening, “OTUS”, an intriguing hybrid dance/circus piece from Company Oliveira & Bachtler in the Dance House at the Wales Millennium Centre.
"The Emperor's New Clothes" (photo: Kirsten McTernan)

Looking further back, there was “Some People Talk About Violence”, from Midlands-based Barrel Organ at The Other Room; the Sherman’s Christmas show for over-sevens, “The Borrowers”; the dreamy and tragic “Light Waves, Dark Skies” from We Made This at Chapter; and “Looking Through Glass”, the none-more-dark festive offering from difficultstage, once more at The Other Room.

"Looking Through Glass" (photo: Kieran Cudlip)
All very stimulating, but frustrating, for obvious career reasons.

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