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Sunday, December 08, 2013

"Sue: The Second Coming" / "A Queer Christmas"

I’ve been to see, and review, two festive shows aimed at mature audiences this week.

First up was Dafydd James’ and Ben Lewis’ “Sue: The Second Coming” at Chapter – the sort-of sequel to a previous musical offering featuring their very popular creation Sue Timms. Very relieved to have found it highly entertaining, despite not having seen the original. Also relieved that when I bumped into Dafydd whilst I was en route for my next assignment, he didn’t want to stab me, despite having read my review.

The second entertainment was “A Queer Christmas”, from theatre company Mess Up The Mess, put together by Bethan Marlow. This took place in several locations along Swansea High Street; the company kindly provided transport from Cardiff. Ambitious in terms of form and content, and obviously a logistical nightmare, but very rewarding.

In other news, I paid another visit to the Poetry Storehouse, and made another short mashup film based on a piece I found there, entitled “Dirty Old Man?” by David Sullivan. My attention was also drawn to an interview with poet Peg Duthie, on the Moving Poems website, in which she was quite kind about the film I made of her piece.

"Dirty Old Man?" by David Sullivan from OTHNIEL SMITH on Vimeo

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

"Pitch" on Radio Cardiff / Haiku

I was delighted to learn this week that I’m one of about a dozen writers/writing teams whose proposal to come up with a three-minute piece for the excellent “Pitch” slot on Radio Cardiff (run by performing duo Good Cop Bad Cop) has been successful. The projects, some poetry, some prose, some plays, will be broadcast early in 2014. Mine will be a drama on the subject of “art”. I’m working on it right now.

Recently, I took part in my first Vimeo Weekend Challenge, attempting to create a 17-second haiku film. A useful exercise.

Heart (Haiku) from OTHNIEL SMITH on Vimeo.

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